60 minutes of interval and circuit training including, cardio, LOTS of strength-training & core work, integrated with balance and flexibility exercises. This class is set to an eclectic blend of music and is taught using a body ball (swiss ball), hand weights, stretchy bands and your own body weight to build strength, balance and endurance. Appropriate for all fitness levels—modifications can ALWAYS be made for EVERY body. The basis of this class is the Balance Ball or Swiss Ball which is used to enhance core stability and balance, by providing an unstable base on which to perform exercises.

Historically the Swiss ball was used in stroke/neuro-developmental rehabilitation, physical therapy, pediatric neurological rehabilitation programs, orthopedics, postural re-education and back rehabilitation. In the 1980's American physical therapists visiting European clinics learned of its use and brought this knowledge back to North America; hence, the name "Swiss Ball". During the early 1990s, the exercise ball moved from the rehabilitation setting into the athletic arena and now is prominent in the fitness world including its use among most professional athletic team training programs.




$10 per class or $20 for the month

Mondays @ 6:00am


Monday Muscle is taught by Dr. Maria J. Alvarez, a practicing, licensed psychologist in the City of Cloverdale. Dr. Alvarez has been teaching spinning (indoor cycling) classes since 2003 in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and now Cloverdale. As a mental health practitioner, Dr. Alvarez strongly believes in the power of meditation, movement and exercise as stress reduction and prevention tools which promote mental health.

Residents of Cloverdale have very limited access to such classes without leaving the city. Therefore, Evolve was conceived by Dr. Alvarez as a cooperative space to offer affordable (low-cost, no membership required) mind-body awareness exercise classes in Cloverdale, with the intention of fostering physical and mental well-being among the community members.

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