Yamuna Body Rolling is a whole body fitness system that builds core strength, elongates muscles, increases range of motion, breaks up scar tissue and helps prevent injuries. It provides stimulation to both bones and internal organs for improved bone quality and organ function.

Utilizing breathing techniques, Yamuna teaches you to relax into a series of small balls. This releases tension and creates space and strength in joints and tissues. It accelerates healing, increases circulation and bone density.

It is simple and anyone can do it. Yamuna improves physical performance for everyone from athletes to yoga enthusiasts to the average Joe and is great for back issues and sciatica.

Balls are available for class use, or available for purchase through instructor.

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$10 per class

Monday @ 9:00am

(707) 894-3707
(707) 287-1845


Iím Nancy Freitas, and Iíve been teaching Yamuna Body Rolling for almost 7 years in Sonoma County. I grew up in Cloverdale and have always been physically active, Iím lucky enough to live along one of the Russian River tributaries, hiking in the area is amazing. Iím also passionate about music and wine. I play in local band ďThe Sonoma Goods BandĒ and work in the Wine Industry.

About 11 years ago a sciatica problem landed me in a Yamuna Body Rolling Class. Literally I would not give the instructor back the ball. Thus, began my passion for Yamuna Body Rolling. It has not only helped me in addressing my injury, but helped me create strength, balance and continuing knowledge of my own body and how I function. With this modality of self-care, you can increase your performance as an athlete, open up restrictions, get to know your body so as to prevent injuries and address injuries when they occur. Modifications can allow someone to practice in bed, in a chair, or on the wall.Yamuna requires her instructors to re-certify every two years. This keeps all of us fresh and continually learning.

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